Meet the artist

Hi I'm Paige!

I'm an artist who began Earth Tone back in February 2020! I have always been a creative interested in the connection of celebrating life and nature. Using subjects such as symbolism to portray my works ethos, Our Planet in Mind.

A little bit about my life.


From the day I could hold a paintbrush I knew this was the career for me. Always drawing on notes and letting my mind wander. This led me to graduating from Solent University after studying Illustration.

I then went on to travel Asia, opening my mind further to the worlds wonder and natural curiosities. (You may see some drawing and prints based around my travels in Asia) a travel journal is something I would highly recommend! 


Asia Art print


Travel journal and print as seen above

After working in retail and cafes, the list is endless, I decided to create work that others can enjoy. Something that has felt like a true calling. This is where Earth Tone was born.

Earth Tone flower painting

Belief system

I have always been a firm believer in creating equality for all. So, if you sign up to my newsletter there will be blogs on this issue creating a safe space for anyone who would like to have this conversation.

Most of all, I hope my work finds you feeling connected to the earth around us, celebrating all that it has to offer! If you'd like to join me further on this journey please sign up to the newsletter and lets get creative!


Love always,

Paige x

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