Spiritualism & Its Connection To Art

Throughout history the connection between spiritualism and art has been a rich one. Connecting deeper to feelings and emotions creating wonderous pieces of art.

Join me below as we discuss this subject further.


Water colour Painting

Using art to communicate a message.

Inspiration comes from spirituality; ones understanding to the connection of all things and the world we live in. Thus creates having a belief or thought that can be portrayed with the use of any medium of the artists choice. 

Whether it be photography, painting or creating music the list goes on. Tapping into the process, it enables the artist and it's audience to connect deeper.

Reaching enlightenment.

During the creation of an art piece, emotions begin to release and flourish, until the cycle begins again. With the same excitement brimming when the final piece is displayed.

Paint Pallette

This is the exact reason why I'm an artist. No longer hiding from the judgment bared. It's about the process, the ultimate freedom to express and portray exactly how I feel. A culmination of self growth until the cycle begins again.

Self portrait of artist Earth Tone

To view artworks of mine click here.

I hope you have enjoyed this reading, please feel free to contact me with other suggestions on what you'd like to read about.


Love always,

Paige x

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